Quick Analysis

A system of tools dedicated to Insurance Intermediaries and Risk Managers to quickly find out what are the specific business risks and the needs of the customer-family.

Quick Analysis

Quick Analysis is one of our fastest means of measuring risk areas and real needs. Our partners use it to give their customers-company and customers-family direct and measurable data in the form of a graph on the risks to be protected against and against which to activate a line of Risk Management and combine them with adequate insurance coverage.

  • By answering the questions of the system, a graph is generated that visually shows the risk situation of your sector, in bar or pie.
  • On the Company side, this analysis helps to comply with the IDD2016 / 97 / EU directive.
  • The client, together with your consultant (you) structures an immediate action plan aimed at securing the company or family where they are most discovered.
  • The sales process rises in quality: collaborators start talking about risks and needs and not about policies.

Quick Analysis is a tool for transforming the insurer or insurance intermediary into a real Risk Manager. Get the variable price of insurance coverage out of your head and start discussing risks and not policies.


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