Who are our ideal partners?

  • Quality, Safety and Environment Consultants
  • Management Consultants
  • Organizational Consultants
  • Insurance intermediaries
  • Insurance companies
  • Experts
Risk Manager Consultant

Risk Management is an opportunity for consultants.

Use EXSAFE Platform to manage your customers' business risks. You can establish a relationship of trust with them and increase the value of your consultancy and your business.

Buy our products for you and your customers and take advantage of all the benefits we have reserved for you.

The advantages for consultants

Some of the advantages that the adoption of a Risk Management system brings.

More knowledge = More market

Increase your skills and have a powerful new tool to break through the new PROSPECT.

Transversal earnings

Earn money for both your consulting and Software Sales (FEE).

Enhanced crosselling

You can develop your cross-selling business with new products.

Involve all your customers

It's a scalable product to sell to businesses of all types and sizes.

An advanced insurance broker.

The platform, through the analysis of risks and company data entered, automatically returns precise reports.

An insurance broker can use this information to quote tailor-made, even complex, policies and create optimal insurance plans for your clients.

Insurance intermediary

The benefits for insurance intermediaries

Some of the advantages that the adoption of a Risk Management system brings.

Change the perception of your work

The activity of the insurance broker is not "placing policies" or fighting for a sterile discount, but producing valuable advice and becoming the PROFESSIONAL for your Companies / Client.

High loyalty

You differentiate yourself from the competition: you are now a Qualified Insurance Consultant, directly connected with the business life of your customers.

Tailor-made policies

You can study a Taylor Made risk-structured hedge in response to IDD2016 / 97 / EU. Deductibles and overdrafts are set based on risk and the ceilings based on established scenarios.

BETTER S / P Index

Greater performance in the event of a claim: the customer acquires the necessary know-how to correctly manage the claim and the compensation is aligned with his expectations.

Boost your business with EXSAFE Platform


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