EXSAFE Platform

The intelligent software to assess and reduce business risks.

  • Evaluate business risks through targeted questionnaires.
  • Protect yourself from risks with the actions suggested by the software.
  • Save by choosing how to invest best.

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Software Risk Management

How does it work?

Risk Management has never been easier.


Enter company data and users responsible for the various risks through simple and intuitive screens.


Assign software-generated questionnaires to various managers. The software stimulates collaboration.


The system generates detailed reports on the status of the risks helping you to prioritize intervention.


Choose the reduction actions proposed by the system to be budgeted and add them to your Action Plan.

Advantages for the company

Some of the advantages that the adoption of a Risk Management system brings.

Risk Management advantages

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Risk Manager, EXSAFE Platform is the best solution to analyze the risks of your company.

  • You will get an objective assessment of all risks .
  • Thanks to the reports you will have a clear picture of the most dangerous risks .
  • You can choose how much to lower each risk . The system will suggest the necessary actions that you can have your collaborators estimate in terms of time and costs.

Thanks to EXSAFE Platform, the Risk Manager has all the information that allows him to decide on which risks to intervene and to estimate and optimize the available budget to the maximum.

What are the risks analyzed?

These are some * of the risks on which EXSAFE Platform acts.


  • Earthquake
  • Hydrogeological
  • Meteorological events
  • Fire
  • Physical asset theft
  • Lack of electricity


  • Dependence on key figures
  • Risk management of subsidiaries abroad
  • Risk management of subsidiaries in the country of origin
  • Change in interest rates
  • Change in exchange rates
  • Customer insolvency


  • RC administrators
  • RC workers
  • Corporate responsibility (231/2001)
  • RC product
  • Product recall
  • Contractual errors vs customers
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Third party liability
  • Contractual errors vs suppliers
  • Errors in insurance coverage


  • Critical machinery failures
  • Critical supplier loss
  • Blocking of information flow
  • Sensitive data theft
  • Defense and trespassing of intellectual property
  • Loss of goods during transport

* through our APPs we manage different risks and we can add new risks to analyze

Who our products are for

What types of businesses can benefit from our products?

Software for Risk Manager

EXSAFE Platform is designed to analyze structured companies that want to change their operating mode and develop their business without incurring risks that can be avoided or managed better.

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